A righteous person knows the legal claim of the poor;
a wicked person does not understand this knowledge. Bible see other translations

“legal claim.” The Hebrew word is din (#01779 דִּין), and it usually means “judgment,” but it can also mean “legal suit, strife,” or “cause,” or “rights, legal rights, legal claim.” The HALOT Hebrew and Aramaic lexicon has “legal claim” for Proverbs 29:7. Every human has certain rights, and when those rights are violated, a person then has certain legal claims. Righteous people are sensitive to the legal rights and legal claims of the poor, in part because they know that God never shows favoritism when it comes to people, and that God is the Judge of all people. On the other hand, wicked people oppress the poor and take advantage of them. They do not keep God’s Day of Judgment in mind, to their own temporal and everlasting detriment.

Commentary for: Proverbs 29:7