A poor man who oppresses the weak
is like a beating rain that does not leave food. Bible see other translations

“A poor man who oppresses the weak.” Ordinarily in Proverbs the poor person is oppressed, but here the poor man is the oppressor. Thus, although this proverb seems to go against the flow of the other verses in Proverbs about the poor, what is portrayed in this proverb is something we often see in real life. For example, among the poor and homeless, it is quite common for a stronger homeless person to beat up and take the food, money, jacket, shoes, etc., of a weaker homeless person. The stronger person then becomes like a pounding rain: cold, heartless, and destructive, leaving only misery and hopelessness behind. The poor no doubt cry out about such oppression, but are ignored; but not by God who hears them. The oppressors are too selfish and ignorant to know that on the Day of Judgment and afterward, they too will cry out and be ignored (Prov. 21:13).

Commentary for: Proverbs 28:3