It is an honor for a person to cease from strife,
but every fool will quarrel. Bible see other translations

“will quarrel.” The Hebrew word is gala (#01566 גָּלַע), and means to ‘break out,” which in this context is to break out into a quarrel or fight, which we can cover just by saying “quarrel.” The verb is imperfect (incomplete action) and in the hithpael aspect, which is intensive. Thus, in this context, it is not so much that the fool is quick to enter a quarrel that already exists as he is to start one. Thus, Waltke translates this as: “every fool starts a quarrel.”a Fools have very little self-control, so they quarrel and fight when they are offended.

Waltke, The book of Proverbs: Chapters 15-31 [NICOT].

Commentary for: Proverbs 20:3