The one who gets good sense loves his own soul;
the one who safeguards discernment will find good. Bible other translations

“sense.” The Hebrew word is leb (#03820 לֵב), which is often translated “heart,” but this is one of those cases where that translation would cause confusion. In modern English, the word “heart” usually refers to emotion or passion, but that is not its meaning here. The function of the brain was unknown in biblical times, so things that we generally assign to the brain, like thinking, attitudes, understanding, and good sense, were assigned to the heart. In this context, leb, “heart” refers to the activity of the mind that includes good sense. [For more on the Hebrew word leb and “heart,” see commentary on Prov. 15:21, “sense”].

“good.” The Hebrew could be translated as “a good thing,” and while that is certainly correct, it may be too restrictive in English, because the verse is certainly referring to more than just good “things,” but good in general. The old adage says, “The best things in life aren’t things,” and that certainly applies here, although the text also says that the discerning person will have good “things” as well.

Commentary for: Proverbs 19:8