Yahweh will tear down the house of the proud,
but he will cause the territory of the widow to stand. Bible see other translations

“Yahweh will tear down the house of the proud.” The proud, although they may be rich and powerful, will have all they have worked for torn down by Yahweh, while the widow, who was so unable to defend herself and her land, will be protected, for Yahweh will “establish” her border. In the ancient Near East, before surveys were accurate, a widow (or another poor or defenseless person) would have her boundary marked in the standard way, by piles of stones at the corners or bends. Unscrupulous and powerful neighbors would move the stones to increase their land, stealing hers. Nevertheless, eventually, such proud people will have what they have built through unrighteousness torn down, while Yahweh, as any just king would, will establish her boundary and make sure she has everything she deserves.

Commentary for: Proverbs 15:25