A hot-tempered person incites strife,
but one who is slow to get angry peacefully settles a dispute. Bible see other translations

“hot-tempered person.” The more literal Hebrew is “man of rage.” The word “person” is iysh (#0376 אִישׁ pronounced “eesh”), which most literally refers to a man, nevertheless, it can also be used to refer to men and women, and it makes sense to translate it in a gender-neutral way in this context because there are both hot-tempered men and angry women and they both stir up strife (for more on iysh, see commentary on Prov. 2:12).

“dispute.” The Hebrew word translated “dispute” is rib (#07379 רִיב pronounced reeb), and it has a wide range of meanings including strife, controversy, dispute, quarrel, accusation, lawsuit, etc. In this verse, rib has a range of meanings because people who are slow to get angry and seek peace find ways to settle arguments of all kinds and even lawsuits.

[For more on rib, see commentary on Hosea 4:1, “lawsuit.”]

Commentary for: Proverbs 15:18