The one who is disloyal in his heart will be satisfieda from his own ways,
but the good man will be satisfied from his deeds. Bible see other translations
Double entendre: “satisfied” and “paid back.”

“disloyal.” The Hebrew word occurs only here in Proverbs in this context (the other two usages refer to physically moving an object; a boundary marker), and it refers to one who turns away or turns back. This is the only time the word refers to a personal attribute or action. A person who is disloyal in their heart is not just disloyal once or in a tough situation, but has the character trait of being disloyal. This is not a superficial trait, but one that permeates the core of the person’s being, down into the heart.

“satisfied.” The Hebrew word translated “satisfied” here in Proverbs 14:14 is saba (#07646 שָׂבַע), the same word that appears in Proverbs 1:31, which has a somewhat similar message. Saba refers to eating or drinking enough to be satisfied. However, it also has the negative meaning of eating to the point of being overfull and then getting sick or getting to the point the food is revolting, and in that sense, it is used for being repaid for what one has done, thus they will “get what their ways deserve” (NRSV). The context determines which meaning saba has, but in both Proverbs 1:31 and 14:14, both meanings apply (see commentary on Prov. 1:31).

The main message of the verse is that in the end each person will get what they deserve. It can be challenging for the godly person to maintain a godly lifestyle and remain free of envy or anger at the success of the wicked, but we must constantly keep our eyes on the Hope, and persevere in obeying God, trusting that He will honor His promises, because He will. It is a consistent theme through Scripture that evil people bring evil upon themselves (see commentary on Prov. 1:18).

An underlying message, but one that is clearly in the verse, is that those who are disloyal to God, their creator and very source of life, will generally be “satisfied” with the way they live and have no desire to change, repent, and serve God. Godly people should not expect that ungodly people will be dissatisfied with their way of life. Some may be, but most will be perfectly happy with their ungodly lifestyle and not want to change. That is one reason that much prayer and wisdom must be used when believers go to share their faith in Jesus Christ with others.

Commentary for: Proverbs 14:14