Wealth obtained by fraud will become little,
but the one who gathers by handa will make much. Bible see other translations
An idiom meaning “little by little” or “over time.”

“by hand.” The literal Hebrew is “by hand,” which is an idiom for “little by little” or “over time.” There are a few people who have “get rich quick” schemes that work, but the vast majority of those schemes fail. The way to acquire wealth is by living a disciplined lifestyle and accumulating little by little over time. People who do that rarely lose. For example, people who buy lottery tickets usually lose twice: they don’t win the lottery, and they don’t have the wealth they could have had if they had wisely invested all the money they spent on lottery tickets over the years. The key to acquiring wealth is simple but difficult. Spend less than you make and do it for a long time, and invest your savings wisely.

Commentary for: Proverbs 13:11