The anger of a fool is known at once,
but a prudent person conceals dishonor. Bible see other translations

“prudent.” The Hebrew word is arum (#06175 עָרוּם), and it has both a positive and negative meaning. On the negative side, it means to be crafty or sly, and it is used to describe the Devil in Genesis 3:1. On the positive side, it means to be shrewd, sensible, or prudent. In this context, it means to be sensible or prudent.

“dishonor.” The Hebrew is qalown (#07036 קָלוֹן), which is shame, dishonor, humiliation. A prudent person does not display the fact that he has been dishonored or insulted. Also in this verse is the meaning that “dishonor” is put by the figure of speech Metonymy for that which causes it, i.e., an insult. A prudent person does not react with anger to an insult, whereas a fool becomes angry at once, and shows it.

Commentary for: Proverbs 12:16