The one who trusts in his wealth, he will fall,
but the righteous will bud like a leaf. Bible see other translations

“he will fall.” The grammar also allows for this verse to be translated “it will fall,” with the “it” referring to wealth. The primary meaning of the verse is no doubt that the one who trusts in wealth instead of trusting in God, will fall. However, the Hebrew opens the door for the verse to also mean that if you trust in your wealth it will fail. That wealth “falls,” and fails those who are rich, happens quite often in this life, and certainly will in the next. God will not be taking bribes on Judgment Day, when both the rich, and the influence of their wealth, will “fall” from its vaunted position. There is only one way to be truly blessed and secure in this life and the next, and that is to trust God.

Commentary for: Proverbs 11:28