The desire of the righteous is surely good,
but the hope of the wicked is fury. Bible see other translations

“surely.” The Hebrew word can also mean “only.” That the desire of the righteous is good is not “natural” to them, it is because righteous people battle with their flesh and work hard to think and act in a godly way.

“the hope of the wicked is fury.” This verse is one of the riddles of the wise, which invites our prayer and meditation. A primary interpretation of this verse is that the wicked hope for “fury” upon people that they do not like. Whereas the righteous think in terms of what is good for other people, including evil people, wicked people are self-centered and just wish “fury” upon those they think are somehow in their way.

Another interpretation of this verse uses irony: the wicked hope for fury upon their enemies, but in the end, their hope is “fury;” the fury of God upon them.

Commentary for: Proverbs 11:23