The wise heart accepts commandments,
but the one who is foolish with his lips will come to ruin. Bible see other translations

“wise heart.” The Hebrew is literally, “the wise of heart,” but this is most likely an attributed genitive, meaning, “the wise heart,” and also the word “heart” is put by the figure of speech synecdoche for the person, especially the center of their thinking. Thus, the “wise heart” is parallel to the “foolish” person.

“lips.” The Hebrew word is saphah (#08193 שָׂפָה) and means “lip,” or, by common metonymy, “language.” Although many versions have “babbling,” that makes it seem that the speech is utter nonsense, and that is not necessarily the case, although that happens too. The unreasonable fool pour out his opinions, which are right in his eyes (Prov. 12:15) but devoid of true wisdom.

“come to ruin.” The Hebrew is labat (#03832 לָבַט) and means to be thrown down, thrown out, thrown away, ruined. This is a wonderful example of depth of meaning being displayed in the Hebrew word. When a person or city is thrown down, it is “ruined.”However, on a more literal note, the unreasonable fool, in this life, is thrown down, and then, at the Judgment, he is “thrown out” like garbage, into Gehenna.

Commentary for: Proverbs 10:8