when your terror comes like a violent storm,
and your calamity like a whirlwind,
and trouble and distress come upon you all. Bible see other translations

“terror.” Here “terror,” “calamity,” “trouble,” and “distress” are personified as actually travelling to those who refuse to heed the voice of Lady Wisdom. That these four are personified continues the line of the use of the figure of speech personification within this section, which began earlier with Lady Wisdom. It is not just an accident that people who ignore God and wisdom have trouble in their lives. Sinful activity actually brings trouble upon people, and that trouble can come from many different sources, including lawful authorities bringing justice and vengeful “partners” or competing parties who want any ill-gotten gain for themselves, and much more. Some ungodly activities can even open the doors of a person’s life to demonic oppression and possession. Although godly people experience troubles too, at least they will be vindicated on Judgment Day. Not so the wicked, who suffer both in this life and in the next.

Commentary for: Proverbs 1:27