She has slaughtered her meat;
she has mixed her wine;
indeed, she has prepared her table. Bible other translations

“slaughtered her meat.” The Hebrew uses the figure of speech polyptoton to catch our attention, and reads, “she has slaughtered [verb] her slaughter [noun].” The phrase “her slaughter” refers to the animals she has slaughtered to have fresh meat. Since the phrase “slaughtered her slaughter” is unclear to English readers, we opted for, “slaughtered her meat.”

“mixed her wine.” The wine in the biblical world was thick like a thick syrup, and so it was mixed with water before being served to guests.

“table.” At this time in biblical history, the “table” was either a cloth on the dirt floor (almost no one could afford a stone floor), or it was a very low table. Guests sat on the floor, eating with their right hand.

Commentary for: Proverbs 9:2