for if you call out to understanding,
if you raise your voice to discernment, Bible other translations

“to understanding...to discernment.” Here we see the personification we see so clearly in Prov. 2:2 continued. We are to call out “to” discernment and “to” understanding. The Hebrew can also be translated “for” as well as “to,” but given the figure personification in the context, the “to” seems more accurate. Of course, what we are calling out to Discernment and Understanding for is discernment and understanding. God is making it clear that if we want wisdom, understanding, and discerment, it will take some effort and persistence on our part.

if you raise your voice.” The word “if” is supplied from the context and thus is in italics. It is not in the Hebrew text, but is clearly implied from the stanzas before and after it.

Commentary for: Proverbs 2:3