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 1 My son, do not forget my instruction,

 and let your heart guard my commandments,

 2 for they will add to you length of days,

 years of life, and peace.

 3 Do not let covenant loyalty and faithfulness leave you;

 bind them around your neck;

 [write them upon the tablet of your heart,]

 4 then you will find favor and good repute

 in the eyes of God and people.

Trust in Yahweh with all your heart,

 and do not lean upon your own understanding;

 6 be mindful of Him in all your ways,

 and He will make your paths straight.

 7 Do not be wise in your own eyes;

 fear Yahweh and turn away from evil.

 8 It will be healing for your navel,

 and a refreshing drink to your bones.

 9 Honor Yahweh from your wealth,

 and from the firstfruits of all your revenue,

 10 and your storehouses will be completely filled,

 and your wine vats will burst at the seams with new wine.

 11 The discipline of Yahweh, my son, do not reject it,

 and do not abhor his reproof.

 12 For the one whom Yahweh loves, he reproves,

 like a father to his cherished son.

Blessed is the person who finds Wisdom,

 and the one who obtains discernment,

 14 for the gain from her is better than the gain from silver,

 and her revenue is better than gold.

 15 She is more precious than gems,

 and no delightful thing can compare with her.

 16 In her right hand is length of days,

 in her left hand are riches and glory.

 17 Her roads are pleasant roads,

 and all her pathways are peace.

 18 She is a tree of life to those taking hold of her,

 and blessed are those who are holding her fast.

Yahweh founded the earth by Wisdom;

 he established the heavens by discernment,

 20 the depths of the ocean were split open by his knowledge,

 and the clouds drip dew.

My son, do not let these depart from before your eyes:

 guard sound advice and discretion,

 22 so they will be life to your soul,

 and grace for your neck.

 23 Then you will walk on your way in safety,

 and your foot will not stumble.

 24 When you lie down, you will not be afraid;

 when you fall asleep, your sleep will be sweet.

 25 Do not be afraid of sudden terror,

 and of the devastation of the wicked when it comes,

 26 for Yahweh will be your confidence,

 and he will keep your foot from being caught.

Do not withhold a good thing from those to whom it is due,

 when it is in your hands to do it.

 28 Do not tell your neighbors, “Go, and come back,

 and tomorrow I will give it,” when it is with you.

 29 Do not devise evil against your neighbor,

 when he is living securely by you.

 30 Do not quarrel with someone for no reason

 if he has not committed evil.

 31 Do not envy a man of violence,

 and do not choose any of his roads.

 32 For devious people are an abomination to Yahweh,

 but his counsel is with the upright.

 33 Yahweh’s curse is upon the house of the wicked one,

 but he blesses the dwelling of the righteous one.

 34 He mocks at the mockers,

 but he gives grace to the humble.

 35 The wise will inherit glory,

 but the foolish display shame.

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