But in Mount Zion, there will be those who escape,
and it will be holy.
The house of Jacob
will possess their possessions. Bible

“But in Mount Zion.” It must be remembered that the context is now the Day of Yahweh, the Day of the Lord (Obad. 1:15). In Obadiah’s time Judean’s did not escape, but in the Day of the Lord the tables will be turned and God’s people will escape and Mount Zion (and Jerusalem where it it located) will be holy.

“will possess their possessions.” The meaning of this phrase has been hotly debated. The phrase can mean “will possess their possessions,” that is, Israel will once again possess its rightful land and other possessions. However, the same Hebrew letters can be vowel-pointed to mean “possess those who dispossessed them.” There are valid arguments on both sides, and the correct meaning is difficult to determine. In fact it could be that, given the Hebrew text, both meanings could be correct. However, it is very clear that Israel will once again gain possession of its rightful possessions, whereas it is more difficult to show that Israel will “possess” the nations who took their land and possessions away.

Commentary for: Obadiah 1:17