When the tabernacle is to move, the Levites are to take it down; and when the tabernacle is to be set up, the Levites are to set it up. The unauthorized person who comes near must be put to death. Bible see other translations

“The unauthorized person.” The Hebrew word is zar (#02114) and although it usually is used in the context of someone being a non-Israelite, a foreigner, in this context the “stranger” is the person who has not been authorized by Yahweh to be around the Tent of Meeting. The English translations handle it in different ways: “anyone else” (CJB, NIV, RSV); “unauthorized person” (HCSB, NAB, NET, NJB); “outsider” (ESV, NRSV); “common man” (JPS); “layman” (NASB). People who were not Levites were not allowed to approach God without a sacrifice or offering, but the offering allowed the person to enter close to the presence of God (cp. Lev. 1:1ff).

Commentary for: Numbers 1:51