Next to them, Melatiah the Gibeonite and Jadon the Meronothite, the men of Gibeon and of Mizpah, repaired the residence of the governor of the province beyond the River. Bible see other translations

“beyond the River.” The “River” is the Euphrates. The governor of the Persian province on the other side of the Euphrates, hundreds of miles away, had a residence in Jerusalem. It was very common for powerful people in an empire as large as Persia to have palaces in many major cities, and for kings to have palaces in many cities of their realm. King Herod, for example, had palaces in Jerusalem, Caesarea, and Jericho, as well as outside Bethlehem (the Herodian) and in the Judean Wilderness (Masada).

Commentary for: Nehemiah 3:7