Shave your heads bald and cut off your hair
in mourning for the children in whom you delight.
Enlarge your baldness like the vulture,
for they have been taken from you into captivity! Bible see other translations

“Shave your heads.” The people in the East had many customs when it came to mourning the dead, and Micah 1:16 mentions shaving the head. Other verses that mention shaving the head in mourning for the dead include Isaiah 15:2; Jeremiah 16:6, 47:5; 48:37; Ezekiel 7:18, and Micah 1:16. Other signs of mourning include cutting off the beard (cp. Jer. 41:5), putting on sackcloth (cp. Jer. 48:37), having a time of silence (Jer. 47:5), and cutting oneself (see commentaries on Jeremiah 41:5 and 1 Kings 18:28). It was also customary for people to bring food and have a mourning feast (Jer. 16:5-8).

“they have been taken from you into captivity!” The destruction of Jerusalem and deportation of its people is mentioned here in Micah 1:15-16; 3:12 and 4:10 (see commentary on Micah 4:10).

Commentary for: Micah 1:16