“Again, you have heard that it was said to the People long ago, Do not make false vows, but fulfill your oaths to Yahweh.a Bible other translations
From Lev. 19:12; Num. 30:2

“Do not make false vows.” Jesus’ statement about vows is a summary taken from the Old Testament from verses such as Leviticus 19:12 and Numbers 30:2. It is not an exact quote from the Old Testament. The Bible instructs us to keep the vows we have made (cp. Ps. 15:4; Ecc. 5:4-7).

“Yahweh.” “Yahweh” is the personal name of God, and a rabbinic abbreviation for it appears in the Hebrew manuscript of Matthew as well as in the verses of the Old Testament that Matthew quoted. There is evidence that Matthew wrote his Gospel in Hebrew and used the name Yahweh, so we have put it in the REV (see commentary on Matthew 3:3).

Commentary for: Matthew 5:33