And Mary Magdalene was there, and the other Mary, sitting opposite the tomb. Bible

“And Mary Magdalene was there, and the other Mary…” The Bible does not specifically say how the women knew about Jesus’ burial and knew where to go so they could watch Joseph put the body of Jesus in the tomb. The most likely explanation is that they did not want to leave Jesus just hanging on the cross, and so they stayed in the area. It is even possible that Mary, Jesus’ mother, thought that she would claim Jesus’ body if the Romans came and took him down. In any case, this record indicates that the women were still there when Joseph took Jesus down from the cross and carried his body away. They would have followed Joseph, and sat down where they could see what he was doing. That is why Matthew 27:61 says they were “sitting opposite the tomb,” i.e., they were sitting in a way they could see the tomb. Nicodemus may have noticed them, or he may have been trying so hard to get finished burying Jesus before the darkness set in that he did not pay attention to them. After all, it was Passover and Jerusalem was packed with people. The women noticed that Joseph did not properly prepare Jesus’ body for burial, but simply wrapped him in a cloth, closed the tomb, and left, which is why they went to prepare spices themselves. (see commentary on Matt. 27:60 and John 19:40). [For more information on Mary Magdalene, see commentary on Luke 8:2].

Commentary for: Matthew 27:61