But he denied it before everyone, saying, “I do not know what you are saying.” Bible other translations

“But he denied it before everyone.” Each of the Four Gospels has three times that Peter denied Jesus, but they are in different circumstances. Putting the Four Gospels together we see that there are three “denial events.” The first was a denial that occurred at the gateway to the compound of the High Priest. From history and archaeology it seems clear that the High Priests Annas and Caiaphas lived side by side, or very close together, and shared a courtyard, and the common custom was that people of that wealth and distinction would have a courtyard with a wall around it with a gate. When Peter followed Jesus and got to the compound he was stopped at the gate and questioned and denied Christ (John 18:17). Then he went to the campfire in the courtyard where he was questioned by several people and denied Christ (Matt. 26:69; Mark 14:66-68; Luke 22:55-57; John 18:18, 25). Then he went back to the gate where he was questioned again and again denied Christ and a rooster crowed twice (Matt. 26:71-75; Mark 14:68-72; Luke 22:59-62; John 18:26-27). So there were three “denial events,” with different specific denials occurring at each place. The rooster crowed twice, both while Peter was at the gate the second time (Mark 14:68-72). It is very common that roosters crow twice or several times, and often those crowings are not separated by much time at all. It is quite possible that Peter would deny Christ, the rooster crow, then someone else quickly make an accusation, Peter deny Christ again, and then the rooster crow again. The denial event at the gate would not have had to have taken long at all. Because the accusations and denials at any one place—the gate, the courtyard, and the gate again—happened in quick succession, Jesus was accurate in saying that Peter would deny him three times, counting a flurry of accusations and denials as one denial.

Commentary for: Matthew 26:70