But while they were going away to buy some, the groom came, and the ones who were prepared went in with him to the marriage feast, and the door was shut. Bible other translations

“groom.” In many English versions, the older term “bridegroom” is used, but it just means the groom.

“the marriage feast.” Jesus is speaking a parable, but it is an important teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven and the marriage feast associated with it, and it is accurate in important details. There will be a huge feast, most likely at the beginning of Christ’s Millennial Kingdom. Isaiah 25:6 speaks of this feast, and Jesus taught about it. Revelation 19:9 calls it the “marriage banquet of the Lamb.” In this parable, Jesus makes it clear that entrance to this feast is not to be taken lightly, and at some time in the future the door will be shut and people who have been foolish will be excluded. [For more information on the feast, see commentary on Matthew 8:11. For more information about those people who are excluded from the feast, see commentary on Matthew 8:12].

Commentary for: Matthew 25:10