Two women are grinding with a hand mill; one is taken, and one is left. Bible see other translations

“Two women.” Although the word “women” is supplied from the context and is not in the Greek text, it is correctly supplied on the basis of the biblical culture. The biblical culture was very segregated by sex: there were jobs men did that women just did not do, and jobs that women did that men would not do. Working in the fields was usually done by men, hence “men” is supplied in verse 40, and the grinding of the grain with a hand mill was always considered to be women’s work, just as carrying water was considered women’s work (thus it is a woman Jesus meets at Jacob’s well in John 4:7). It was also considered women’s work to set up and take down the family tent, which was why Jael was so confident in driving a tent stake through Sisera’s head (Judg. 4:21); she had driven many tent stakes in her lifetime.

Commentary for: Matthew 24:41