And Jesus was going out of the temple and going away, and his disciples came to him to show him the buildings of the temple. Bible

“Temple.” Properly understanding this verse requires an understanding of the Temple complex during the time of Jesus. The “Temple” in this verse is the Temple proper, into which only Jews were allowed to enter. Once a person left the Temple, he was in the Temple courts. The courts were an approximately 40 acre area enclosed by walls. On the south end were tall buildings that were used as marketplaces, etc. On the north end was the Antonia Fortress, the Roman fortress that allowed the Romans to control mobs in the Temple (Cp. Acts 21:34 etc. “castle” KJV). Jesus left the “Temple,” the Temple proper, called the “sanctuary” in some versions, but in doing so was in the presence of the huge buildings on the south end of the Temple Mount enclosure. The disciples, mostly Galileans who did not have anything in Galilee like the Temple structure, were amazed by the buildings, even though they had seen them before, and pointed them out to Jesus. Jesus answered them in a way that should have kept them grounded in the truth that we are not to get too attached to the things of this life, for they are all temporary. Jesus said that not one stone of all those great buildings would be left standing on top of another. True to Jesus’ teaching, there is now not one single stone of those buildings left standing. The disciples, rightly believing they were speaking with the Messiah, but wrongly thinking that very soon he was going to come into Jerusalem and conquer it and set up his kingdom, then asked him the question in Matt. 24:3, “What will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?”

Commentary for: Matthew 24:1