For many are called, but few are chosen.’” Bible see other translations

“For many are called, but few are chosen.” This verse is quoted as if God was the one who did the choosing, but in fact, it is solid evidence that God chooses those who first choose Him. We cannot ignore the parable and just interpret the conclusion like we want to. In the parable, the king invited people to the feast, but the first people who were invited “did not want to come” (Matt. 22:3). Then the king sent more people to invite them again, but they “paid no attention” (Matt. 22:5). Worse, they not only declined the king’s invitation, they mistreated the servants who were sent to invite them (Matt. 22:6). So the king invited others and they came to the feast (Matt. 22:10). Thus it is clear that the “chosen” are “chosen” because, as well as God choosing them, they chose God.

Commentary for: Matthew 22:14