And those slaves went out on the roads and gathered together everyone that they found, both wicked and good, and the wedding feast was filled with those reclining to eat. Bible other translations

“both wicked and good.” Although the use of “wicked” can be general and some of the people who respond to God’s call to be saved are not society’s best people, in the context of the king (God) inviting the Jews to His banquet and them refusing, He invited the Gentiles. The Gentiles were considered unclean and wicked by the Jews because they had many practices, like eating meat with blood in it, or eating pork, or many of sexual practices in Roman society that were considered “wicked.” Yet we learn from Jesus’ teaching that many people will come from the north and south and east and west—the Gentiles—and eat at the banquet with Abraham, and the Jews, the “sons of the kingdom,” will not be allowed in (cp. Matt. 8:11-12; Luke 13:22-30).

Commentary for: Matthew 22:10