Then he got up and took the child and his mother during the night, and departed for Egypt, Bible see other translations

“the child.” Although some versions (cp. ASV; KJV, NKJV) have “young child,” the Greek is just “child.” In the traditional Christmas story, Jesus would have been a newborn baby, but when we correctly understand that the Magi came one and a half to two years after Jesus was born, the word “child” is exactly accurate.

[For an accurate understanding of the Christmas Story, see commentary on these verses: Matt. 1:25; 2:1-14; and Luke 2:4-24. Also, download the free ebooklet “Retelling the Christmas Story” by John Schoenheit. Please see the description and link below, or click here to download it directly.]

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The Christmas Story is important because the birth of Christ is important. The traditional story of His birth contains many errors, and presents a cold, hard, and lonely picture about the circumstances of his birth. This document explores and reveals a deeper, more accurate understanding of the customs, time and place, and other details that truly make the birth of Christ an inspiring account of love, obedience, giving, and sacrifice.

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Commentary for: Matthew 2:14