For whoever wants to save his lifea will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. Bible other translations
In Matt. 16:25-28, “life” is the Greek word psuchē, “soul” but in this context is means “life.”

“life” (2x). The Greek word is psuchē (#5590 ψυχή; pronounced psoo-kay’), often translated “soul.” The Greek word has a large number of meanings, including the physical life of a person or animal; an individual person; or attitudes, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Here it refers to the physical life of the body, which is why most versions translate it “life,” which is accurate in this context. However, although the interpretation of “lose his life” is to die, what Christ said has a wider application, because often for the work of Christ the believer “loses their life” in the sense of giving up things that they desire or want to do. The believer must be willing to die for Christ if that is what is called for, but they also must be willing to give up things they want for the cause of Christ. [For a more complete explanation of psuchē, “soul,” see Appendix 7: “Usages of ‘Soul’”].

Commentary for: Matthew 16:25