And he said to them, “Truly I say to you, there are some standing here who will absolutely not taste death until they see that the Kingdom of God has come with power.” Bible see other translations

“will absolutely not taste death.” Mark 9:1 is a continuation of what Jesus taught in Mark 8:34-38, just as it is in Matthew 16:24-28, and Mark 9:1 should not have been a new chapter but instead should be thought of as Mark 8:39, the last verse in Mark chapter 8. Jesus was teaching that people must live with such a mindset that they would be ready to give up their life for Jesus’ sake, and that Jesus was coming back soon (Matt. 16:27), and that is why he said that “some” of the people in his audience would not die before they saw the “the Kingdom of God come with power.”

[For more information on what Jesus was teaching, see commentary on Matthew 16:28.]

“they see that the Kingdom of God has come with power.” This text is not just saying that these people will see the kingdom as it comes, but they will see it after it has come.

Commentary for: Mark 9:1