But you say, ‘If a man says to his father or his mother, “Whatever benefit you might have gained from me is Corban (which means, “Given to God”),”’ Bible other translations

“But you say.” Due to the rules that the Pharisees had put in place, they prevented people from helping their parents. It is showing us that if someone said that what they could have given to others is “Corban,” then the Pharisees held them to that for the rest of their lives and thus prevented them from helping their parents. It is not by saying Corban that people are prevented from helping their parents, but after people say Corban, the Pharisees then prevent them from helping their parents, and Jesus said that tradition was breaking the commandment of God. Believers have to be sensitive to what the Word of God really says about a subject because sometimes overzealous religious leaders put rules in place that keep people from obeying the Word of God.

Commentary for: Mark 7:11