for she was saying, “If I just touch his garment, I will be healed.” Bible see other translations

“was saying.” She talked to herself (cp. Matt. 9:21) over and over.

“If I just touch.” The Greek word kan goes with the verb “touch” and has the force of “just” or “only” in this verse (cp. NASB2020; CEB; CSB; NIV; NJB).

“healed.” The word “healed” is the Greek word sōzō (#4982 σῴζω). The Greek word sōzō has a wide semantic range, and thus means different things in different contexts. For example, it can mean “be healed” from disease, as it is here in Mark 5:28, or it can mean things such as “delivered” or “rescued,” as from some danger, or it can mean “saved” as in saved from death and given everlasting life.

Commentary for: Mark 5:28