For there is nothing hidden, except to be revealed, nor has anything been hidden away except to come to light. Bible

“hidden.” “Hidden” has the same root word as “hidden away” later in the verse.

“except to be revealed.” The wording in Mark is difficult, and the subject of much discussion among scholars. Whereas the similar saying in Luke 8:17 makes perfect sense in light of the fact that God will reveal every hidden thing, the Gospel of Mark uses a Greek purpose word, hina, as if to say the purpose of something being hidden is to come to light. While that meaning seems awkward, it seems that Mark is emphasizing the fact that God, who is light and truth, wove it into the fabric of creation that hidden things would be revealed, and that people may try to hide things but they try in vain because the purpose of God will prevail and the hidden things will be revealed.

Commentary for: Mark 4:22