And Jesus withdrew to the lake with his disciples, and a large crowd from Galilee followed him. And people from Judea, Bible other translations

“to the lake.” The lake is the “Sea of Galilee,” which is a fairly small lake.

“a large crowd from Galilee.” Mark 3:7-8 seems to actually describe two different sets of people, one from Galilee where Jesus had his headquarters and spent most of his time, and one from many other places where either Jesus had visited or word about him had reached.

“followed him.” Jesus’ headquarters was in Galilee, so he was near the people of Galilee most of the time, so they could “follow him.” In contrast, the crowd that had come from further away had to travel to get to where he was, so the text says those people “came to him” (Mark 3:8).

“And people from Judea.” The idea of “people” comes from the third person plural verb “came” (“they came”) at the end of the verse.

Commentary for: Mark 3:7