They cheat widows out of their housesa and make long prayers just for show. These people will receive a harsher punishment.” Bible see other translations
Lit. “devour widows’ houses”

“They cheat widows out of their houses.” The text is literally, “devour widows’ houses.” These “experts in the Law” were in a position to help widows through the legal steps of securing their belongings after a husband died, but instead, they found “legal ways” to take things away from the widow’s estate, apparently occasionally even leaving them homeless. The evil of these “experts” was deliberately covered up with shows of holiness, such as praying long prayers in public.

“harsher punishment.” The REV takes the sense of krima (#2917 κρίμα)—along with the KJV, NET, NIV, and HCSB translations—to indicate both the judgment and execution of the sentence.a Hence, krima becomes “punishment” rather than “condemnation;” and the comparative adjective perissoteros (#4055 περισσότερος) becomes “harsher” rather than “greater.”

Cp. Lenski.

Commentary for: Mark 12:40