David himself calls him ‘Lord,’ and so in what sense is he his son?”

And a large crowd was listening to him with delight. Bible other translations

“was listening to him with delight.” The Greek we translate as “listening to him gladly” is hēdeōs (#2234 ἡδέως; pronounced hay-de-ōs) and it means with pleasure, with delight, gladly. Some versions catch the sense by saying that the crowds “enjoyed” listening to him. We should not take this to mean that the crowds took to heart what Jesus said and then changed. In Mark 6:20 the same phraseology is used when Herod Antipas used to call for John the Baptist, and “heard him gladly.” Jesus taught openly, but still only had some 120 disciples gathered on the Day of Pentecost. If anything, this shows how people can hear the Word of God taught, even from the Master himself, enjoy it, but not have it change their lives.

Commentary for: Mark 12:37