But if we say, ‘From people…’” (they were afraid of the people, for indeed, they all considered John to be a prophet). Bible other translations

“From people….” Mark 11:32 contains a good example of the common figure of speech anacoluthon, in which the speaker abruptly stops speaking about one subject and either stops completely or continues with another line of thought. The religious leaders were questioning Christ. He asked them a counter-question, which put them in a bind. As they considered their options as to how to answer Christ’s question, it was clear that if they said that John’s baptism only had human authority they could be in serious trouble with the people. In the intensity of the moment and with the uncertainty of how to move forward, the Jews simply stopped in mid-sentence. [For a more complete explanation of anacoluthon with examples, see commentary on 1 Cor. 9:15].

Commentary for: Mark 11:32