And they were on the road going up to Jerusalem and Jesus was going ahead of them. And they were amazed, and those who followed were afraid.

And again he took the Twelve and began to tell them the things that were to happen to him: Bible other translations

“And they were on the road going up to Jerusalem.” This record of Jesus telling the Twelve Apostles that he would be arrested and killed is in Matthew 20:17-19, Mark 10:32-34, and Luke 18:31-34. At this time Jesus would have taken what is now the old Roman road that goes uphill from Jericho (c. 800 feet below sea level) to Jerusalem (c. 2600 feet above sea level). The distance between Jerusalem and Old Testament Jericho is about 18 miles.

“amazed...afraid.” The amazement and even fear that the disciples were experiencing is natural. For some time now the Jews in Jerusalem had been trying to arrest and kill Jesus. At the Feast of Dedication (in our December), the Jews were trying to arrest him (John 10:39). Then, when Jesus went back to the Jerusalem area to raise Lazarus from the dead, the Jews made plans to kill him (John 11:53). After that, Jesus made one last itinerary.

Commentary for: Mark 10:32