And a man with a serious skin diseasea came to him, kneeling down and pleading to him, and saying to him, “If you are willing, you are able to make me clean.” Bible other translations
Traditionally “leper,” but the Greek word lepros can refer to various skin diseases.

“kneeling down.” The word for “kneeling” is not in some Greek manuscripts and is disputed, but the man did kneel. The way of paying respect in the biblical world was to go down to one’s knees and then bend the body and face down to the ground. Comparing this record in Matthew, Mark, and Luke shows that is what the man did. Matthew indicates he paid respect by bowing down to the ground (the same word Matthew uses for bowing down is used for “worshiped,” cp. Matt. 8:2). Mark 1:40 says the man kneeled, which was preliminary to bowing down to the ground in respect, and Luke 5:12 says the man fell on his face to the ground. All three records are true. The man showed respect as Matthew says, which would have been by bowing down, then Mark says the man kneeled, which was necessary before bowing the upper body and face to the ground, then Luke says the man fell with his face to the ground, which is the final part of the bowing down (see commentary on Luke 5:12).

Commentary for: Mark 1:40