And when evening came, after the sun had set, they brought to him everyone who was sick and those who were afflicted by demons. Bible see other translations

“they brought to him everyone.” This verse shows the great dedication the people of the time had for obeying the Law, and it sets a great example for us. The day being spoken of, that had just ended, was a Sabbath, as we learn from Mark 1:29. On the Sabbath people could not walk very far (a Sabbath day’s journey” was just over a half mile or .8 km), and they could not carry a burden, so carrying a sick person could not be done. If the people did not put the Law above their own desires, they would have said, “Forget the Law! I need help now!” and they would have ignored the Law and brought the sick to Jesus as fast as possible. The fact that they waited until sundown to bring the sick to Jesus shows their dedication to God and the Law.

Commentary for: Mark 1:32