And when they were not able to bring the man to him because of the crowd, they uncovered the roof where he was, and when they had dug through it, they lowered the bed that the paralyzed man was lying on. Bible other translations

“uncovered the roof.” The literal Greek is “they unroofed the roof.” This record contains an unspoken lesson in ministry and life that is important to learn. Jesus was teaching the Word of God to the crowd, as Mark 2:2 says. He was interrupted by this man and his friends who very badly wanted the man healed. The word of God does not tell us about what Jesus was teaching, it tells us about him being interrupted and changing direction to take care of the man and teach the crowd and Pharisees about what is really important and about his authority on earth. The unspoken lesson has to do with interruptions. Although we generally do not like to be interrupted from something we are doing, we should look to see if there is an opportunity to do God’s work when we are interrupted, rather than just being annoyed or always assuming that interruptions are from the Devil.

“bed.” This was not a modern bed, but mats for sleeping. For more on beds in the biblical culture, see commentary on John 5:8.

Commentary for: Mark 2:4