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1The burden of the word of Yahweh to Israel by Malachi.
  2“I have loved you,” says Yahweh. Yet you say, “How have you loved us?” “Wasn’t Esau Jacob’s brother?” says Yahweh. “Yet I loved Jacob,
  3but I hated Esau, and made his mountains a desolation, and gave his heritage to the jackals of the wilderness.”

4Though Edom says, “We are beaten down, but we will return and build the waste places,” this is what Yahweh of Armies says, “They will build, but I will throw down, and they will be called ‘The Wicked Land,’ and ‘the people against whom Yahweh shows wrath forever.’”
  5Your eyes will see this, and you will say, “Yahweh is great, even beyond the border of Israel!”

6“A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If I am a father, then where is my honor? And if I am a master, where is the respect due me? says Yahweh of Armies to you, O priests, who show contempt for my name. But you say, ‘How have we shown contempt for your name?’

7You offer defiled bread on my altar. You say, ‘How have we defiled you?’ By saying ‘Yahweh’s table is contemptible.’

8“When you offer the blind for sacrifice, is that not evil? And when you offer the lame and sick, is that not evil? Present it now to your governor! Will he be pleased with you or accept you?” says Yahweh of Armies.
  9“So now plead for God’s favor that he will be gracious to us. With such an offering from your hands, will he accept any of you?” says Yahweh of Armies.
  10“Oh that there were one among you who would shut the doors of the Temple, so that you would not kindle a fire on my altar in vain! I am not pleased with you,” says Yahweh of Armies, “and I will not accept an offering from your hands.

11“For from the rising of the sun even to its setting, my name will be great among the nations. And in every place there will be incense burned for my name, and offerings made that are pure, because my name will be great among the nations,” says Yahweh of Armies.

12“But you profane it by saying Yahweh’s table is defiled, and its product, its food, is contemptible.
  13You also say, ‘Behold, what a weariness it is!’ and you snort at it,” says Yahweh of Armies, “and you have brought sacrifices that were taken by robbery, and the lame and the sick. You bring this as the offering! Should I accept this from your hand?” says Yahweh.

14“But cursed is the deceiver who has in his flock a male, and vows to give it, but sacrifices to the Lord a blemished thing. For I am a great King,” says Yahweh of Armies, “and my name is feared among the nations.”

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