And Jesus, full of holy spirit, returned from the Jordan, and was led around in the desert by spirit Bible see other translations

“And Jesus.” The record of Jesus’ being tempted in the desert is in Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; and Luke 4:1-13.

“full of holy spirit.” The Greek text has no article “the.” This holy spirit was the gift of God that He gave to some believers before Pentecost.

[For more information on the holy spirit and uses of “holy spirit,” see Appendix 11, “What is the Holy Spirit?” and also see Appendix 6, “Usages of ‘Spirit.’”]

“in the desert.” Matthew 4:1 and Mark 1:12 clearly tell us that the spirit led, or drove, Jesus into the desert: Greek, eis (#1519 εἰς). Luke, however, emphasizes that Jesus was being led (imperfect tense) by the spirit while in the desert, using the Greek word en (#1722 ἐν) rather than eis. Some later texts changed the reading to eis to harmonize with the other gospels, and this explains the KJV’s translation “into the wilderness.”

Commentary for: Luke 4:1