(just as it is written in the law of the Lord, Every male that first opens the womb will be called holy to the Lord),a Bible see other translations
From Exod. 13:2, 12

“will be called holy to the Lord. This command to set apart and redeem the firstborn male was from the Mosaic Law (Exod, 13:2, 12; Num. 18:15-16). Every male child was to be redeemed, and the redemption price was five shekels of silver, about 2 ounces (Num. 18:15-16). In the case of the birth of Jesus, when Joseph and Mary went to the Temple to offer the sacrifices required for Mary’s purification after childbirth—a lamb for a burnt offering and a bird for a sin offering (Lev. 12:6)—they also offered the 5 shekels of silver as the price of redemption (or “ransom”) of baby Jesus. In the case of Joseph and Mary, they were too poor for a lamb, so they offered birds (Luke 2:24; Lev. 12:8).

Commentary for: Luke 2:23