And they nodded to his father, as to what he wanted him called. Bible other translations

“And they nodded to his father.” The Greek word translated “nodded” is enneuō (#1770 ἐννεύω), and it primarily means to nod to, to signal by a nod of the head, or to signal by a movement of the body like a hand motion. In this context it would refer to a more subtle nod of the head. Zechariah was unable to speak but he was not deaf. He had heard the conversation between his wife and the relatives and knew the sides of the discussion. When Elizabeth stood firm that the baby was to be called John, a person or persons in the room looked at Zechariah and nodded at him in a way that asked, “What do you say.” At that point Zechariah made it known he wanted a writing tablet and wrote that the baby was to be named John, and immediately upon writing that he could speak again and began to praise God.

Although the Greek word enneuō can be used for a hand motion, in that tense and delicate moment it would have overbearing for someone in the room to point to Zechariah to get his opinion, that would have been an insult to Elizabeth. A simple glance and nod of the head was all that was needed.

Commentary for: Luke 1:62