“You are not to hate your brother in your heart. You are to rebuke, yes, rebuke your neighbor and not bear sin because of him. Bible see other translations

“rebuke, yes, rebuke.” There is a polyptoton in the Hebrew text and God uses the figure of speech polyptoton to emphasize that people are to “strongly rebuke” others who are sinning. Not helping a neighbor avoid or get out of a sinful situation is a sin to the one who could and should have helped. Some sins are sins of commission, what we do, and some sins are sins of omission, what we do not do that we should have done. Ignoring the sin and distress of others is a sin of omission.

[For more on polyptoton and the way it is translated in the REV, see commentary on Genesis 2:16.]

Commentary for: Leviticus 19:17