We get our food at the peril of our souls
because of the sword in the wilderness. Bible see other translations

“We get our food.” The Hebrew is more literally, “we bring our bread,” and the picture being painted is that the people had to travel home with the food they acquired and that was dangerous.

“soul.” Here the word translated as “soul” means “life.”

“sword.” In this case, the “sword” refers in large part to the sword of robbers who lurk in the wilderness and desert regions, but it also has the wider meaning of other dangers, such as getting lost in the desert and dying.

“wilderness.” This is hard to translate into English because we don’t have an equivalent word. It refers to a place that cannot be, or easily be cultivated, and thus wilderness, desert, remote place, uninhabited place, etc. Sometimes these areas were very small, perhaps just a few acres, just very rocky or barren, but sometimes they would be the great deserts. The places to which the Jews were deported had uninhabited places that were dangerous. The Hebrew text is more literally, “the sword of the wilderness,” but the sword is “in” the wilderness.

Commentary for: Lamentations 5:9