Slaves rule over us;
there is no one to tear us out of their hand. Bible see other translations

“Slaves rule.” The culture is upside down due to sin. Slaves (and “servants;” the Hebrew word can refer to both) of Nebuchadnezzar (2 Kings 24:10-11) were ruling over the Judeans (Prov. 17:2; 19:10). No doubt they abused their authority and made the lives of the Judeans miserable.

“to tear us out.” The Hebrew text uses a word for pulling something apart (cp. NAB). The Babylonians had a firm grip on Judah, and no one was there to tear Judah from the grip of Babylon.

“hand.” In typical Semitic idiom, “hand” is put by metonymy for “power” or “authority.” It was common for people of power to use trusted slaves to rule over others. During the time of the Roman Empire, even Roman senators complained bitterly that the slaves of the emperor were given positions of power and ordered them around.

Commentary for: Lamentations 5:8