And it came to pass when he saw her that he tore his clothes and said, “Alas, my daughter! You have brought, yes, brought me down and have become among those who trouble me, for I myself have opened my mouth to Yahweh and I cannot go back.” Bible

“Alas, my daughter!” What a jolt to Jephthah’s daughter this must have been! She was so excited to see her father and greet him with music and dancing, only to hear that she was a cause of trouble and sorrow for him because of what she did. Life is so fragile and fickle; it can change in an instant.

“brought, yes, brought.” The Hebrew text uses the figure of speech polyptoton for emphasis (for more on polyptoton and the way it is translated, see commentary on Gen. 2:16).

Commentary for: Judges 11:35